Cliveden Place ( 東山臺20號 )

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Client :

Fu Hop Investment Co Ltd


Location :

No. 20 Tung Shan Terrace, HK

A 4-storey apartment building couches on one turning corner of Tung Shan Terrace which is a winding road with uneven width. This apartment building features 4 deluxe units per floor. The external wall of all units has taken up the entire frontage abutting Tung Shan Terrace to maximize view. A swimming pool with cascade feature and an elevated walkway behind provides a cozy environment for residents’ recreation, offers a tranquil and layback lifestyle amidst a neighbourhood graced with similar 4-storey low rise residential buildings all built in very interesting and staggering settings.

All top floor units have circular stairs connecting to their respective private roofs with splendid view oversee Happy Valley. The façade design is of classic motif with pediment, cornices, balustrades and key stones all fully cladded in granite stones with exquisite details.

We were also the Architect for number 23, 18 and 22 Tung Shan Terrace.