Design Philosophy




"Building Innovations" is what MLA stands for.  Striving for new design frontiers in the industry, we pride ourselves on our high standard of integrity, professionalism, and creativity.  This 3-pronged approach leads to long-term steady growth and enduring success.

We favour eclecticism in our design approach.  The fact that we do not confine ourselves to any particular architectural style or trend tends to facilitate the assimilation of young talents into our team who will, in turn, inject fresh impetus into our works. 

We value our people highly and invest substantial resources in developing their skills and potentials so that they can be pioneers in their areas.  With the best team in action, we are able to provide quality service in the international arena that goes beyond expectations.  The results are innovative, sustainable, and practical development solutions that embrace new eras.






「Building Innovations 創建新意」是MLA的信念.  我們致力開拓建築設計的新領域, 並以高度的誠信、 專業精神及創意為傲.  我們在這三大基柱上不斷奮進, 保持長遠的業務發展, 締造佳績.

MLA著重設計方向多元化, 亦正因為我們並不拘泥於任何單一設計風格或潮流, 業界後進可以更容易地融入我們團隊, 他們的加入更為我們帶來新的衝勁和視野.

我們極度重視人才, 並投入大量資源提升員工的技能, 讓他們盡展潛能, 成為業界翹楚.  我們透過優秀的團隊, 在國際間提供超越客戶期望的優質服務, 並與時並進, 屢獻創新、 實用而符合可持續發展原則的設計方案.